Architectural Metals and Metal Wall Panels

Bring your vision to life with architectural metal cladding solutions for interior and exterior applications.

We realize that architectural metal cladding must be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is functional. Our experienced team of designers have a wealth of experience working with an array of perforated metal patterns and profile bar to meet our customers’ demands. With your design plans as a blueprint, we can fabricate a variety of materials to your exact specifications. We’ll work with you to determine the best metal material for meeting your goals.

Our perforated metal cladding may earn LEED credits by controlling the amount of sunlight that reaches the building. The metal cladding also reduces heating and air conditioning costs by insulting the building.

Custom A/C Sleeves

Our customers look to American Architectural Window & Door to specify the right product type for the application, for planning an efficient installation process, for complete turnkey project management and for consistent trusted advice, information and innovation.  A recent area of innovation for us was the overlooked area of tremendous energy loss through rusted, drafty A/C sleeves. Replacing unsightly A/C sleeves is one of the least expensive ways to save on cooling and heating costs while improving the overall appearance of your building.

Our custom sized, powder coated A/C sleeves come with a Bi-Directional Louver, a Louver Insert Cover and an Exterior Cover. Like our window and door products, we can create a custom color match or you can choose from a large selection of standard colors. They are rust resistant and pre-pitched to insure proper drainage.


Before: Old A/C Capped

After: New A/C Sleeve fitted