COVID-19 Information & Protocols


We hope all our customers, suppliers, colleagues and their families are safe during this difficult time and like you, we are eager to get to some sense of a normal daily life. That means we all are working to figure-out an ever evolving set of the implications, practices, and procedures to stay safe and still move forward with life.

Our Status

Our company is open for business, albeit in a way that recognizes and is adjusted for the current reality of COVID-19. Our office has been completely sanitized and disinfected. It is open with limited staffing while the rest of our team is working remotely at home and ready to assist you via the phone or email.

Our window installation projects have temporality halted pending the go-ahead from state and local officials. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were recognized for our attention to the needs and concerns of occupants during Occupied Space window projects. We will continue that tradition at even a higher level when projects resume. When these approvals happen, our crews will resume projects and operate under new Safety protocols we have implemented. These protocols are based on the latest available information from the CDC & OSHA. You can learn what these protocols are in the resource link below. (AAWD COVID Protocols for both Renovation/Occupied Space and New Construction projects)

Sales, Estimates & Proposals

Our sales team is actively assisting customers with project estimates, proposal generation and communicating our Work Protocols to help everyone understand how we plan to keep people safe. When governors re-open construction services; we anticipate a flurry of activities with projects that have been on hold. This likely could create delays and backlogs in production schedule. If you are considering a window project, please reach out to us to we can address your needs in a timely manner. If we can help you or have questions about pending or upcoming window work, please contact Eric Balinski at 973-903-9300.

AAWD’s Protocols, Resources & Helpful Information

We have also compiled the best available resources to understand and help everyone move forward. This information is the most recent information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and a number of our partners within the Construction Industry.

Since COVID-19 is a new virus, the understanding of its behavior, prevention and mitigation is being updated by the leading health and safety organizations on a regular basis. As such, we will update our Protocols and work practices as new information emerges.

Here is the latest Covid-19 information we have put together to help you. We will add and update this information from time-to-time as new information becomes available. If you have any specific question about COVID-19 and cannot find the answer her, please call us.

Click on an article to open the PDF document:

  1. AAWD COVID Protocols- Renovation & Occupied Space projects
  2. AAWD COVID Protocols- New Construction projects
  3. Facts about Covid-19
  4. Prevention COVID-19
  5. Prevent the Spread of COVID 19-fact-sheet
  6. Essential-Critical-Workers Do’s-and-Don’ts
  7. Critical-workers-implementing-safety-practices(1)
  8. Stop-the-spread-of-germs
  9. Cleaning & Disinfecting for Non-Emergency Vehicles- CDC
  10. Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility
  11. What you Should know about COVID-19 factsheet
  12. Social Distancing, Quarantine and Isolation
  13. Cloth-face-covering
  14. Implementing Safety Practices for Workers Who May have had Exposure
  15. Guidance for Construction Workers- OSHA4000
  16. Guidance on Preparing Workplaces -OSHA3990
  17. 10 Things You Can Do to Manage COVID-19 at Home
  18. What to Do If You Are Sick
  19. Living-in-close-quarters
  20. ReOpening America Guidance Cleaning & Disinfecting
  21. ReOpening America Cleaning Disinfection Decision Tool


If you have any questions about COVID-19 and how it affects your building or its residents, please call Eric Balinski, 973-903-9300 or email him at